What is the perfect mattress?

A good mattress is like a custom-made suit, which means that it can be adapted to the needs of an individual’s body to achieve an ergonomically optimal sleeping position. Therefore, there is not a particular mattress that suits everyone. However, there are general principles and concepts that provide help in decision-making.

Mattress Zoning

Hard mattresses compress the shoulder and cause the hip to ride on the surface, resulting in a curved spine and discomfort. Soft mattresses do not offer lower back support, causing a hammock-like curve in the spine and discomfort. Depending on the position we adopt for sleeping (on the side, front or back), different degrees of mattress zoning are recommended. The mattress zoning is your source for comfort and better sleeping. This method achieves an excellent sleeping position and guarantees optimum pressure relief. The spine rests in a completely natural and relaxed position.

Zoned Spring Units

Example produced by Dual Transfer Machines



Produced by Spühl Machines
Helical connection system 4/4

Produced by FIDES Maschinen

Helical connection system 4/5 or 3/4

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