3-year warranty – “more for more”

Following the theme “more for more,” we are setting new standards in machine warranty. When purchasing any new machine from the entire range of products from Spühl and Fides, you will benefit from a warranty period of 3 years or 10,000 production hours (previously 1 year).

The warranty means that we will assume full liability for material, design and construction deficiencies for three years. The warranty period will commence on the delivery date of the machine. For further information, please refer to our “General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions”.

Reliable machine quality and optimum service are the best prerequisites for efficient and cost-effective production. By offering a 3-year warranty period, Spühl assumes responsibility to provide top quality in the future as well.

3 years of warranty = 3 years of security for you. Invest today in the right machines to be successful now and for the long-run. Invest in machines offering better performance and more safety—simply “more for more”!

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